Bugatti is known for the attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship that goes into creating the cars at the Molsheim Atelier, but the brand’s excellence reaches far beyond that. Bugatti has a network of Service Partners all over the world, responsible for making sure that the Bugatti ownership experience is just as excellent as the car itself. Each year, Bugatti awards the highest excellence within its Service Partner network, and for 2022, its award winners have been announced.

Bugatti has three award-winning regions for these awards: North America, Europe, and Middle East/Asia. A global winner is then picked from the three winners. In North America, the winner was Bugatti Greenwich, while Bugatti Zurich won in Europe and Bugatti Singapore won in Asia. With all of Bugatti’s service partners needing to operate at such a high level of excellence to maintain and service the world’s most luxurious, powerful, and rare hypercars owned by some of the world’s most discerning clients, winning these awards is a display of an incredible level of achievement. For the global award, Bugatti Zurich came out on top. With excellence from start to finish, both the Molsheim Atelier and people across the globe bring the Bugatti name the glory it has today.

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Gallery: Bugatti Zurich Wins 2022 Bugatti Global Service Partner Of The Year