From the ground up, Bugatti makes its cars with the highest level of craftsmanship, engineering, and attention to detail, which is why they are known as some of the automotive world’s most powerful, luxurious, and exclusive creations. However, the first impression and the detail that wraps the entire finished product is the paint, and it’s one of the most meticulously-created aspects of any Bugatti hypercar, as well as one of the most important opportunities for a client’s personalization and expression.

600-700 hours of total work are required to paint a Bugatti because even before a single one of the eight layers is applied, the surface is carefully inspected by highly-trained experts to detect and correct even the smallest imperfections. After that, each layer is carefully applied and sanded to ensure that the surface is as smooth as glass. Bugattis are known by most for being some of the world’s most expensive, laboriously-manufactured, and exclusive cars, and the paintwork is just one of the reasons why.

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