It’s hard to believe that nearly two decades have passed since the introduction of the Bugatti Veyron to the automotive industry. That may well be because the entire industry is still adjusting to the transformative change that the Veyron’s introduction brought about. With immense power, incredible engineering, a soaring top speed, and style and luxury that has proven itself to be timeless, the Veyron remains one of the 21st century’s most incredible automotive creations.

Now that time has passed, Bugatti has introduced La Maison Pur Sang, its new official restoration and certification program aimed at preserving the immense beauty and glory of cars like the Veyron so that it can be admired far into the future. Early in the program’s life, it has now had the chance to show its skills on two early examples of the Veyron, a coupe and a Grand Sport. Both call the UAE home, but visited Molsheim for 9 months to be transformed and restored, given a La Maison Pur Sang certification for the work that was done, and the Bugatti Dubai showroom served as an excellent liaison.

The coupe came in with two-tone gray paint and Cognac leather, and left blue with an interior finished in Havanna leather. The interior of the Grand Sport was changed from Silk to Magnolia. With a restoration process as excellent, detailed, and luxurious as the process that went into the car being made years ago, La Maison Pur Sang is the next chapter that cars as incredible as the Veyron deserve.

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