With over a century of history, Bentley’s racing legacy is a part of various eras of motorsport history, and its early racing cars are some of the most celebrated historic racing machines ever. That’s why Bentley’s Mulliner coachbuilding division created the Blower Continuation SEries, a recreation and revival of Bentley’s historic racer, and now, the race car revived after 93 years since its Le Mans competition, arrives on the track again.

Bentley has introduced a new 2023 racing series for the Blower Continuation Series, in which both works and customer cars can compete in racing these cars that were designed to, as true to their original form as possible, revive the racing spirit of their nearly century-old forebears. Also eligible to compete in FIA historic car events, the Blower Continuation series racing series will be held at three tracks: Donnington Park in April, Le Mans in July, and Spa, Belgium in September. To show that the historic car is capable of racing, Bentley’s own Blower Car Zero did a six-hour endurance test at Goodwood, completed successfully with an average speed of 83 mph. With this announcement and more about the racing series coming soon, Bentley reveals an exciting future in which it will race to the past.

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