Known for its stunning beauty, impressive performance, and of course for its unparalleled luxury, the Bentley Continental GT is one of the world’s most desirable luxury coupes. However, even in its current iteration, it’s been around for a good while. Of course, it hasn’t been nearly as long as the generation before it, which was introduced 20 years ago in 2003 and wasn’t fully changed until 2019 after receiving a facelift in 2011, but it has been long enough that Bentley is ready to give the model a 2024 model-year facelift.

The refreshed Continental GT has been spotted being tested in snowy weather, and the footage has been captured and shared on YouTube channel CarSpyMedia. In fact, some of the shots were so detailed that you can see the driver noticing the camera and causing wheels to spin on the icy road in an attempt to get away. One of the most prominent changes is to the lighting, where the back of the new Continental receives a dynamic taillight setup, and the front receives revised headlights. Already being one of the world’s favorite coupes, it will be interesting to see how Bentley makes it even better.

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