Compared to many manufacturers around the world, Bentley has defied the norm with the success it has enjoyed in the past few years, all of which have challenged the entire history. However, Bentley isn’t done, and as it has announced changes in its production and model lineup, there came with it uncertainty as to whether it would be successful, but Bentley’s continued success and financial performance prove that it’s on the right track and moving fast.

Yet again, profit results have reached an all-time record, with a 2022 result of over $750 million. In percentage, this growth is 82% while the growth in volume is only 4%. This is a great sign for a luxury brand especially, as profitability is increased while exclusivity is at a similar level. Unsurprisingly, the Bentayga remains Bentley’s most popular model, with the stunning ultra-luxe SUV accounting for around 42% of Bentley’s total sales for the 2022 year. Bentley’s incredible success story only seems to be continuing, and as the reveal of its first electric model and further transformation of the brand continues to approach, the century-old respected name in luxury is looking optimistically at a bright future.

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