Even though the Gumball 3000 Rally doesn't begin until this upcoming Saturday, May 23, legendary free-skier Jon Olsson has been ready for months. For the rally this year, which begins in Stockholm, Sweden, and finds its end point in Las Vegas, Nevada, Olsson prepped an Audi RS6 DTM with upgraded engine tuning and a revamped exterior. As we reported March 31, 18 karat gold andodized TTE 9XX turbochargers have cranked the engine to produce 950 hp. A black and gray camo-style wrap with red accents covers the exterior, sporting the logo for Betsafe, Olsson's sponsor for the rally.

But when a car that incredible has been ready to go for so long, the itch to drive it will just become to strong to scratch, and the desire to show it off and share its driving prowess with others will become overwhelming. Lucky for Olsson, there's always Uber.

A video posted to YouTube by Betsafe May 16 shows Olsson's six-hour stint as an Uber driver in his RS6. As the caption tells us, 5,700 booking requests for a ride in Olsson's Audi were received, and 11 were selected for a free ride in Stockholm. He's joining the ranks of Deadmau5 and McLaren in offering an uber-awesome Uber ride to a lucky few; in September of last year, Deadmau5 took to the streets of Toronto with his McClaren 650S Spider, while McLaren Automotive offered test drives of the 650S to a few people in Dubai Jan. 29.

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(Source: YouTube via Road and Track)

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