McLaren 650S & Uber, Test Drives on Demand

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Imagine this: you’re stuck downtown and need a ride home. A cab is a little expensive, so you hop on your phone, pull up the rideshare app Uber and send in a request for a McLaren 650S to pick you up. But this time, instead of Deadmau5 at the wheel, it’s you.

For a few lucky people in Dubai, they were able to request precisely that on Dec. 6.  McLaren and Uber partnered together for one day to allow users to schedule on-demand test drives of a black 650S through downtown with a McLaren product specialist in the passenger’s seat.

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“Being able to request a test drive at the push of a button on your phone is absolutely the future,” says the product specialist in charge of test drives in a YouTube video uploaded by Uber Middle East Jan. 29.

Be sure to check out the video of Uber’s supercar test drive day above, and let us know what car you’d like to test drive in the comments below.

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Hat Tip to Zac Susoreny

(Source: YouTube)

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