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Street Legal Conversion For Aston Martin Vulcan

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Track cars are great on the track, and street cars are fun on the street. But crossing between the two worlds is often nearly impossible. A few Aston Martin enthusiasts have derided the Vulcan as being an illogical purchase since it is not street legal anywhere in the civilized world. Those fortunate enough to have purchased them are relegated to having the car transported to and from events.

Even Mr. Spock had to use the transporter every once in awhile, but now there is an alternative. Based in Northamptonshire, RML (or Ray Mallock Limited) is a racing & motorsport engineering firm that has been a dominant force in Touring Car racing for three decades.

Aston Martin Vulcan

By working with Aston Martin engineers they have developed a conversion process to make them street legal in the UK. If you can spare your car for three months, the metamorphosis will produce one of the meanest cars on the street.

Since track cars have no need for pollution, cleaning up the exhaust is a great starting point. This will undoubtedly involve the addition of catalysts along with a more conservative fuel tune. Crash test simulations will be done in the virtual world, as crashing a production model would be incredibly expensive. Improved lighting and convenience features will be addressed, all while keeping Vulcan ready for the track.

Our friends at Cleveland Motorsports have the only Vulcan for sale in the US, so we hope this conversion will be legal on this side of the pond. RML hopes to have the first conversion done shortly, so stay tuned to Autofluence for more Aston Martin updates.

Aston Martin Vulcan