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McLaren Teases New Ultimate Series Supercars

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It took years for McLaren to develop the P1, so we’ve all been wondering what could surpass it. In a press release this morning, they announced the most extreme street legal car. The P1 and the P1 GTR were the first two examples of McLaren’s Ultimate Series. As part of the ongoing Track22 business plan, two new models are in the works.

McLaren Special Operations Reveals 2 Unique Builds

Details on the first car will be released early next year. Until then, the teaser image below will leave us wondering. After that release, the company is aiming to build the first ever “Hyper-GT”. Given the codename BP23. This news is destined to shake up the competition so it might be time to get a McLaren of your own. Click on the link below to find great deals on remaining 2017 cars and stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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