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McLaren Special Operations Unveils Two Unique Builds

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You can’t be everything to everyone. Some automakers try to satisfy every type of customer. It dilutes their lineup and makes for a bland dealership. When it comes to McLaren, their products are split between the Sports Series and Super Series. Each model can be tailored to meet the demands of its owner by McLaren Special Operations. Until now, we thought there was a limit to their expertise…

In a press release early this morning, MSO has entered a new realm. One lucky buyer has been taken behind the scenes in order to fulfill his wildest dreams. Instead of custom colors or embroidery, his commission was to build two unique cars from the ground up. The result of these custom builds are the MSO R Coupe and MSO R Spider. Each car is a harmony of liquid silver and visible carbon fiber. Delta red pinstripes are continued as contrast stitching on the black Alcantara interior. Looking closely we see traces of the 650S Spider along with the roof intake of the 675 LT. The aerodynamic bits are one of a kind, which will make these cars priceless to collectors.

Of course, they have matching wheels, but the similarities are more than visual. Both engines were blueprinted and the exhaust ports were polished by hand. This process is more than building an engine by hand. Evert surface is verified in 3 dimensions before assembly. A master engine builder checks tolerances for each bearing and every part of the top end. Because the turbochargers run on exhaust flow, matching each port to the manifolds is one of the best ways to make power. Imagine an artist carving a statue from marble. It takes years of experience and countless hours to match the ports. One mistake and the cylinder heads are toast. This one fact alone raises McLaren Special Operations above any other competitor.

This also serves to make sure both cars make the same power. The MSO R Coupe and Spider are rated at 679 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Titanium exhaust incorporates a crossover pipe for scavenging. No detail was too small. Both keys are MSO R branded. The instrument panel and displays are a unique IRIS screen. Congratulations to the discerning owner who challenged McLaren to raise the bar for the entire industry. If you want to experience this level of customer service, click on the link below to find a dealer near you and stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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