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BMW Unveils The M4 Convertible 30 Jahre Edition

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It is hard to believe the M Division of BMW has been building convertibles for three decades. Everyone seems to have a story of the E30 series. The light and nimble E30 M3 lost its top in time for the summer of ’88. Convertibles had fallen out of style by the mid 70’s, and America’s last drop top was the 1976 Eldorado. When Corvette brought back the ragtop in 1988 they were forced to add 500 lbs of chassis bracing to keep it from shaking to death.

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BMW has never accepted compromises like the other manufacturers. That is why each successive M convertible has been an instant collectible. Knowing how much we love them, BMW has pulled back the curtain on a 30th-anniversary edition. Times have changed, and the 2-door is now the M4 instead of the M3. Only 300 examples of the M4 Convertible 30 Jahre (year) will be produced. It will arrive with 450 hp thanks to the M Sport exhaust. The Adaptive M suspension has been returned to a specific Sport mode for this limited run. Tuning for the Active M differential and the sway bars were also revised.

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Only two colors will be offered: Macao Blue Metallic and Mandarin II. Both colors have decades of history with the M division, and they look great riding on the 20″ Orbit Grey forged M alloy wheels (also specific to this edition). The interior is full Merino leather, in a color scheme that matches either of the body colors. Of course, the dash will have 30 Jahre Edition badges that feature each car’s number of the 300. Spartans would approve of only 300 examples, and we can’t wait to put the top down. So tell us your favorite M car story in the comments below and click the link to find an M4 near you.

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