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BMW M5 Drifts For 8 Hours, Breaks Two World Records

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Yesterday we told you about BMW’s ambitious plan to set a new world record. Guinness had recorded a previous record of 89.55 miles of drifting in an 8-hour test. To show off the new drift mode of the new M5, engineers decided to throw down with unprecedented technology.

BMW Is Preparing For An 8-Hour M5 Drift

Using the Air Force as inspiration, BMW’s M Division developed a car-to-car refueling system. Transferring gas between two moving objects is a recipe for disaster, so care was taken to make sure the hoses and tanks were up to the task. It is not without historical precedent because Mercury Marine used a similar method to refuel boats when endurance testing their outboard engines.

In a YouTube video uploaded this morning, BMW has blown away the old record. If you plan on drifting for 8 hours, you will need to go 232.5 miles to beat the M5. Yes we know the track was soaked, but it is still a wild accomplishment. We can’t wait to get our hands on one, not that we would ever drift a press car…So congrats to BMW for raising the bar and stay with us for all your M car updates.

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