Porsche, the iconic German luxury automaker, and world-record-holding surfer Sebastian Steudtner have teamed up to work on a remarkable new project: the Caçador RS surfboard. Designed to deliver the ultimate in surfing performance, this sleek and aerodynamic board is the result of months of collaboration between the brand and the athlete, both of whom share a passion for innovation, excellence, and speed. For Porsche, which has a rich and storied history in motorsports, the project was a chance to apply its engineering expertise and design philosophy to a different field.

For Steudtner, a multiple big wave surfing champion and a two-time winner of the XXL Biggest Wave Award, it was an opportunity to put his skills and experience to the test and develop a board that would help him conquer the largest and most challenging waves on the planet. The Caçador RS combines cutting-edge carbon fiber construction with advanced hydrodynamic principles to create a surfboard that is not only lightning-fast but also extremely agile and responsive. The result is a board that can handle waves of up to 100 feet and is ideally suited for the most demanding big wave surfing conditions. The first reliable data is expected to be collected this autumn, when the next big-wave season begins in Nazaré, Portugal.

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