Manthey Racing: it’s a name known for bringing the track potential of Porsche cars to fruition, and the results have been amazing. Through the use of Manthey Performance Kits that have been made for various Porsche models, they have been able to shave seconds off of lap times and make incredible cars even better. One of the most impressive Porsches on the track is the 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3, and the Manthey Performance kit for the formidable machine is now available and being shown off in the United States.

The expertly-crafted aerodynamics-focused kit is available for drivers to experience at Porsche’s Experience Centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Before buying the kit, drivers are able to book a 90-minute session for $1,695, in which they are able to experience both the GT3 without the Manthey Performance Kit and the car with it. Available to be installed at a Manthey-certified Porsche Center, the kit adds a spoiler lip, side flaps, modified air guides, a wider swan neck wing, and a larger gurney flap, as well as carbon fiber Aerodiscs on the wheels. It costs $57,300, and a set of lightweight forged wheels is available for $15,500.

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