The Ferrari 812 GTS is an incredible car that combines modern performance engineering and immense V12 power with the classic sports car philosophy of making a front-engined, open-top sports car that is made purely for driving pleasure. It represents the pinnacle of a timeless automotive formula, and giving a Ferrari 812 GTS a unique specification is the glorious icing on the cake, and a great example of that is this new Ferrari 812 GTS featuring a Tailor Made specification, which is definitely sweet.

Featuring matte paintwork in a color that could be Ferrari’s unique Verde Bottiglia, the car’s classic inspiration includes a number 7 racing roundel on each side, and a Giallo Modena stripe detail across the front. The bright touches of color continue in the interior with seats upholstered in silver Alcantara and accented with yellow. With their unique and storied details, each Tailor Made Ferrari shows the diverse and incredible potential of the beauty of Ferraris, and this stunning 812 GTS shows that Ferrari cars look incredible in more than just red.

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