With the introduction of the Roma Spider, Ferrari took one of its most celebrated coupes and turned it into an open-top masterpiece, combining the Roma’s classic ethos and futuristic design with a beautiful convertible. However, as is the case with most cars, making a convertible comes with compromises. Ferrari isn’t a brand that deals in compromise. That being the case, it took careful engineering and consideration to make the Roma Spider a car that delivers on everything that makes the Roma an excellent grand tourer, and now an excellent convertible as well.

One of the first considerations was the looks. The Roma coupe has quickly become iconic for its looks, which are much different than what Ferrari has been typically known for, but when it came to the Roma Spider, Ferrari wanted to maintain the Roma’s celebrated proportions and was able to do so with the unique silhouette of the rear window and soft top. In addition, the two choices of soft top fabrics include a fabric with a two-tone weave that Ferrari developed to evoke the woven look of carbon fiber, giving the looks a sporty edge that many Ferrari enthusiasts look to achieve.

In addition, versatility is a strength of the Roma Spider, with a top that can close and open in 13.5 seconds with the push of one button, and at speeds of up to 37 mph. Noise levels are similar to hard-topped counterparts with slight tweaks being made to enhance the V8 engine noise when the top is open. Another way that the Roma Spider is versatile is in its performance. While it’s well able to deliver cruising luxury, the impressive performance of the Roma coupe remains, with the same 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds. In typical Ferrari fashion, the Roma Spider is an excellently crafted car when it comes to luxury, style, and performance, and it is sure to set the bar for excellent convertibles all over the world going forward.

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