Known for being the mastermind behind some of the world’s greatest automotive and racing legends (think the McLaren F1 and Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren), Gordon Murray has earned an honorable reputation within the automotive industry, and among car enthusiasts is considered a historical and important figure in the name of performance. That is why the establishment of Gordon Murray Automotive was so exciting for enthusiasts around the world to hear because it meant that from the ground up, a supercar would be conceived and created with a true supercar expert at the helm.

Two years ago, the T.50 was revealed, Gordon Murray Automotive’s incredible supercar, and limited to just 100 examples, the car is completely designed for drivers and for performance, even featuring a carbon fiber fan at the rear which increases downforce by 50%. Finally, production has begun on the incredible Cosworth V12-powered car, and to ring in the incredible milestone, Gordon Murray himself signed the carbon fiber monocoque of the first customer car chassis. An incredible new era of performance has been signed into action by one of the greatest names in automotive performance, and while history is celebrated, even more history is about to be made.

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Gallery: Gordon Murray Signs The First T.50 Customer Car Chassis