This isn’t your average car talk.

There are few opportunities to hear from any of the automotive industry’s greats, let alone a group of the greatest names in performance. However, Top Gear, one of the most eminent names in the automotive world, brought together a group of absolute titans from all over the world when it comes to designing and building cars, and making them go fast. This conversation was held between Christian von Koenigsegg, Mate Rimac, Gordon Murray, and John Hennessey. All of these legends are the minds behind some of the world’s greatest automotive performance.

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Their conversation was fueled by topics that were picked in an interesting way, which was through a bingo cage with a list of topics that each participant chose and discussed. The questions picked were controversial and interesting, starting with the debate of whether an EV can be more exciting to drive than a gasoline-powered car, and moving to things like their thoughts on Elon Musk, and the importance of failure, philosophically and within the car industry. The four were even posed with the challenging question of what car they would drive and where they would drive if they could only choose one car and one road. Watch the entirety of this incredible conversation above.

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Source: YouTube/Top Gear