Best known for applying its forward-thinking to the world of two-wheel EV machines, Tarform is looking to explore the open waters with its newest project. Re-envisioning the traditional jet ski design with a more modern look and feel, Tarform is proud to unveil the new Raye with inspiration from the Manta Ray. For over 120 million years, the manta ray has been gliding effortlessly in the silent oceanic world. The Tarform Raye is an electric jet ski that combines biomorphic design, plant-based materials, and modular technology.

The Tarform Raye's body will be available in either recycled carbon fiber or the brand's proprietary plant-based composite, offering a lightweight construction for optimum performance. The Raye will share features like over-the-air updates, machine learning, and sensor technology from the Luna motorcycle. The jet ski will come in two different power and range configurations with 70-120 horsepower, and 1-2 hours of range. Currently in the conceptual and design stage, the Tarform Raye is currently available via pre-order starting at $68,000.

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