This yacht design is the future of seafaring.

Italian design studio Lazzarini is known for its futuristic design and its use of forward-thinking and innovative technologies. Combine this with the luxurious lifestyle of yachting, and what results is nothing short of amazing. Lazzarini’s latest yacht design project is the Plectrum, a beautiful and immense 242-foot-long superyacht that makes use of hydrofoils and a trio of hydrogen-powered motors, each capable of 5,000 horsepower, totaling to 15,000. The yacht is positively immense, with room for cars, smaller vessels, helicopters, and four decks with six guest cabins and an owners suite, but it takes innovative measures to be an efficient and powerful vessel.

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Lazzarini says that the Plectrum will be composed “entirely of dry carbon fiber composite,” and that the design of the hull is inspired by America’s Cup sailboats, both of which will allow the boat to travel at a top speed of 75 knots. When the boat is anchored, the hydrofoils are able to retract slightly into the yacht to take up less space. With a creative approach to its design, the Lazzarini Plectrum yacht promises to deliver not only in the luxury aspect, but also in being a futuristic, technologically advanced, and all-around smarter yacht than most of its peers on the water.

Source: Lazzarini Design Studio