If you have never driven a DeTomaso Pantera, you should add it to your bucket list. Alejandro de Tomaso was an automotive genius who pioneered the mid-engine sports car. His chassis inspired Frank Williams and Dallara to compete in Formula 1. Later on, his Mangusta and Pantera were powered by Ford V8 engines and sold at Ford dealers around the world. Our friends at Apollo Automobili acquired the rights to the company and 2014 and began work on a modern iteration. The wait is over as the 2020 De Tomaso P72 was unveiled at Goodwood.

The name is an homage to the 1964 DeTomaso P70, a gorgeous race car with unbeatable power. Staying true to the original formula, the P72 has an FIA-legal LMP chassis. A majority of the suspension is shared with the Apollo IE, but the engine specs won't be disclosed just yet. We do know the car received engineering help from HWA. Hans Werner Aufrecht is the "A" in AMG, and he knows how to build a supercar.

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While it won't be as brutal as the Apollo IE, it will arrive with a manual transmission. Only 72 cars will be produced, and they are aiming for a price of $846,500. If you want to understand how De Tomaso gained so many fans, click the link below to find a Pantera near you. It will change your life!

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