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Apollo IE GT1 Will Dominate in 2020

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When Roland Gumpert decided to leave the company he founded, it signaled the end of the Gumpert Apollo. One of the most unique exotics had a decent run, beating Bugatti and Pagani on Top Gear in 2008. His retirement in 2016 allowed new investors to build a supercar at the cutting edge of automotive technology. The Apollo IE or “Intense Emotion”.

They needed the best minds to help with the project, so development was shared with HWA Engineering. Known for success in every form of motorsport, it was founded by none other than Hans Werner Aufrecht. His resume includes leaving Mercedes-Benz to build race engines with his friend Erhard Melcher. They named their company AMG in 1967.

Mercedes-Benz purchased AMG in 1998, but retirement is not his style. He has chosen to help Apollo build a world-class supercar with his legendary 6.3L V12. No turbos or hybrid system, the Apollo IE is a monster motor in a carbon fiber chassis. It is the same formula he used to build the CLK GTR for racing in the GT1 class. Next year’s 24 hours of LeMans will revive the class, with supercars battling on the world stage. The Apollo IE uses 22 years of knowledge to beat its predecessor, and if Hans is involved it is destined for greatness. Stay with us for all your Apollo updates.


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