It's time for Europe's largest auto show, so get ready for a glimpse of the future. We have compiled the most significant cars heading to Switzerland, so here is our 2019 Geneva Motor Show Preview. Also, be sure to check back to see new cars that are added as we draw closer to the show.


This concept could inspire a revival of the historic Spanish-Swiss automaker. It looks like a carbon fiber monocoque, McLaren will be watching this one closely!

Nathalie by Roland Gumpert

Our old friend Mr. Gumpert is at it again. A stunning new carbon fiber concept arrives with battery power and AWD. Under the hood is a 5kW fuel cell that converts methanol into voltage. Since methanol is a byproduct of the alcohol business, Nathalie would be cheap to drive.

Twisted Automotive

Making news by purchasing the final 240 Defenders from Land Rover, Twisted's 'Remake History' series will include Series II, IIA, Lightweight and V8 models. Each build will highlight a specific milestone in Defender history.

ABT Sportsline RS5-R

One of the leaders in the German aftermarket, ABT has pushed the Audi RS5 into uncharted territory. You will see a 530 horsepower coupe with 509 lb-ft of torque. It will arrive on 21" wheels wrapped in meaty 275/25 tires.

Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept

Gazoo Racing worked with Toyota to build a perfect Supra before it was introduced. This hardcore example uses carbon fiber body panels and lexan instead of glass. Drifters rejoice, your new master has arrived.

Hennessey Performance

Did you expect to have a world-class car show without John Hennessey? The Venom F5 is named for the most powerful rating of a tornado, the 1,600 horsepower beast has a 7-speed single clutch sequential transmission and a curb weight of 2,950 lbs.

Pininfarina- Hybrid Kinetic

The historic Italian coachbuilders have joined forces with Hybrid Kinetic. This low-emission concept has a large capacity battery, twin electric motors, and a range extender.

Zenvo TSR-S

Our favorite Danish automaker is arriving with one caveat. Only one example will be sold in each nation annually. The TSR-S is a mid-level offering, using the best features of the street legal TS1 GT and the race-focused TSR.


Now that they are under the VW umbrella, Italdesign is poised to shakeup the world. This concept has no name or specs, so we will have them as soon as they are released.

This is what we have so far, so tell us which ones you want to see more details on, and you will see them here first.