When the Lamborghini Aventador first arrived, they told the world it would be limited to 4,000 examples. This was due to the molds for the body were only capable of being used 500 times before they wore out. But once the Aventador sales surpassed everyone's expectations, new molds were built. The Aventador and Huracan have no limits to ownership. If you have the cash, you can have your own Raging Bull.

Lamborghini Smashes Six Month Sales Record

So that is why every employee at the factory took time to celebrate 11,000 Huracans and 8,000 Aventadors so far. The press release last night shows an Aventador S Roadster in Grigio Telesto which was ordered by a customer in Japan. The Blue Nethuns Huracan Spyder was built for an Italian dealer. Sales for the 1st half of the year are up 11% YTD, with 2,327 cars finding their owners. Congratulations to Lamborghini on another production record and to our dealers who know the right place to advertise their inventory. Click the link below to find your Lamborghini and stay with us for all your exotic car news.

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