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Lamborghini Smashes Six Month Sales Record

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A massive factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese is turning out cars around the clock. That is because Lamborghini has posted the highest sales numbers of any six-month period in their history. It was announced in an Instagram post this morning, with the latest Aventador rolling off the assembly line. The sales numbers are only based on the Huracan and the Aventador, so the Urus is just icing on the cake.

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In terms of age, this doesn’t make sense. The Aventador has been in production since late 2011 and the Huracan has been with us since 2015. The average consumer would think demand would slow at this point, but many people forget a few things about the brand. Lamborghini never stops innovating. I drove an Aventador S through the crowded Milwaukee convention center to get to our booth.

Nobody suspected I could weave between Mazda and Buick, but the rear wheel steering offers a smaller turning circle than your car. Visibility is also 100% better than the first Aventadors. Instead of the brutal ride offered in the earlier cars, the magnetic suspension soaks up any bumps in Strada (Street) mode. The Huracan is a daily driver for many. It has better visibility than any other coupe. Yes, I find it easier to drive and maneuver than a Camaro or a Civic.

It also has 3rd generation magnetic ride and the fastest AWD system on the market. One final note, you won’t be at the dealer. Both the Aventador and the Huracan have proven to be reliable. Because they don’t suffer from short-sighted engineering, both cars hold their value better than most. You can even change your own oil without having to fork over your treasury notes. Congratulations to Automobili Lamborghini for keeping the raging bull as mean as ever.

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