On Friday the world was shocked by Lamborghini's video. It was cockpit footage from the latest Huracan in a record-setting lap of the'Ring. The time to beat is now 6:52.01 thanks to the new Lamborghini Huracan Performante. A press release this morning dives deep into technical advancements and revised components, so allow us to offer up the finer details.
Instead of traditional carbon fiber, the Huracan Performante uses forged composites to shed weight. Still made of carbon, the material is thinner with the same strength. The result is a loss of 88 lbs of curb weight. Active aerodynamics are programmed to react in 500 ms in order to control downforce. It also creates less drag which increases acceleration and top speed. It only takes 2.9 seconds to reach 62 mph and you will be capable of over 202 mph. The 5.2 liter V10 now makes 640 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque. With a dry weight of 3,046 lbs, the Performante is the state of the art in lightweight motoring.

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The exhaust is all new, with tuned runners exiting higher up than before. This allows 70% of maximum torque by 1,000 rpm, which is something Italian enthusiasts are not accustomed to. The chassis is 15% stronger, so the suspension was dialed in with more spring pressure and thicker sway bars. The interior offers new displays for the driver and race ready seats are optional. The base price for US buyers has been set at $274,390, which isn't bad for a record holding supercar. As soon as they begin arriving you will seem them first here on Autofluence. [soliloquy id="114112"]