Editor's note: it was brought to our attention that the hour long video was, in fact, a well-edited loop of another video. The original video, added to YouTube Oct. 11 by Alexander West, has replaced the hour-long upload from Testarossa Power. The P1 is McLaren Automotive's flagship supercar. At 903 hp and 664 lb-ft, it's one of the most powerful road-legal cars out there, and also one of the most exclusive. Its price was set at $1.15 million and production limited to 375 examples when the P1 was released in 2014, meaning there are a few people on this planet that can acquire one for their collection. Later in 2014, McLaren Automotive announced another model that even fewer will be able to experience - the P1 GTR.

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Exclusively built for the track and only available to current P1 owners, the McLaren P1 GTR is an even-more-powerful and lightweight P1, with performance increased to 986 hp. But this beautiful thing that is the internet has made it possible to virtually experience the P1 GTR for yourself. On Oct. 11, YouTube channel Alexander West shared a video entirely from the cockpit of a P1 GTR. It's a video you'll want to put on full screen with the volume turned all the way up. Get cozy in your seat and prepare for an experience that will only leave you wanting more.

When you're finished with your virtual ride along, find a P1 for your collection from our exclusive listings below.

P1s For Sale

(Source: YouTube)

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