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McLaren P1 GTR Unveiled

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McLaren brought out the big guns to  Pebble Beach, California over the weekend, unveiling the highly anticipated P1 GTR race car. In a press release issued Aug. 16, McLaren gave us all of the details we need to know about the new English track monster.

For starters, the P1 GTR’s power has been increased to 986 hp through tweaks made to the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. Still working in conjunction with this engine is the lightweight electric motor.

What most people are going to notice about the P1 GTR are the new body modifications, each serving their own purpose. In the rear is a large, fixed-height rear wing fitted with a hydraulically operated Drag Reduction System (DRS) to increase acceleration and optimize downforce. Below the wing is an exposed, centrally-mounted exhaust system that has been developed exclusively for the P1 GTR.


The side profile of the car is highlighted by 19-inch motorsport alloy wheels- 10.5-inches wide in the front and 13-inches wide at the rear- which can be changed easily through an onboard air jacking system.

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Aerodynamics were, of course, considered along the sides of the car. Most notably, an additional aerodynamic blade has been added behind the front wheelarch to increase and clean airflow from the front tires. There is also a new air intake found in front of the rear tire, presumably for brake cooling and aerodynamics.

In the front, the track has been increased by 80 mm and an aggressive GT-style front splitter has been added. Additionally, from the base P model, McLaren has carried over the active aerodynamic flaps in the flood in front of the wheels.


The model you see in the images provided are of the design concept that was unveiled at Pebble Beach. The livery it wears is a nod to the original McLaren to wear the GTR badge, chassis #01R.

Unfortunately, we will not be seeing the McLaren P1 GTR on the road, as it is not road legal. Also, it’s very slim-pickings when it comes to races it can compete in. Either way, we are very excited for the F1 GTR’s successor and can’t wait to see it perform.

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(Source: McLaren Automotive)


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