Jaguar first announced their collaboration with Bloodhound SSC in November 2014, officially launching their quest for 1,000 mph. They outfitted an F-Type AWD coupe with the radios of the land speed car and ran top speed across the Hakskeen Pan Desert of South Africa to test communication between the car and team. For more details about the test, the original article can be found here. Always pushing the envelope of performance, a new hotter F-Type is set to launch. In a May 20 press release, Jaguar announced that the new F-Type R AWD will be Bloodhound SSC’s rapid response vehicle. The car will debut at Conventry MotoFest on the weekend of May 30, emblazoned with the Union Jack and Bloodhound livery.
The AWD F-Type Asissting the pursuit of 1,000 mph
The connection between the F-Type and the SSC is not just for marketing. Nestled inside the rocket car is the 550 hp V8 from the F-Type R. It is used as an APU to power the rocket’s oxidizer pump and pressurize the car’s hydraulics. For good measure, the car also has a jet engine from the Eurofighter, making it a triple threat to the land speed record holder.

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Stay tuned to Autofluence for coverage of Coventry MotoFest, a review of the new F-Type R and more updates from Team Bloodhound as they approach their goal. Be sure to browse our exclusive listings of Jaguars for sale, and find a powerful motor to match their efforts.

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