Jaguar’s New AWD F-Type And Their Quest for 1,000 mph

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Jaguar, a brand notorious for its dedication to innovation and quality of production, has signed on as an official supporter of what is bound to be an historic moment. According to a press release issued by the company today, Jaguar is assisting Bloodhound SSC in setting a World Land Speed Record by reaching 1,000 mph.

Richard Noble, Bloodhound’s project director and holder of the record from 1932 to 1997, said in the release that Jaguar is an ideal partner for this endeavour. “We are absolutely delighted to announce Jaguar as a Main Partner to the Bloodhound Project,” he said in the release. “This is a very fine match – Jaguar is very strong on innovation and with its huge drive in advanced technology, education and motorsport track record, we have the perfect partner. Together we have developed outstanding inter-team synergy and this is a very special relationship.  We are proud to carry the Jaguar branding on Bloodhound SSC.”


In the video above, you can see the new AWD Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe reaching its top speed in the Hakskeen Pan desert of South Africa while assisting in a vital communications test. According the video, this test ensures that the communications systems that will be used in the Bloodhound SSC will function at a speed of 1,000 mph. Without the success of these communications systems, the entire project would have been delayed tremendously.

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“The test marks the start of a major technical partnership between Jaguar and The Bloodhound Project, with the ultimate aim of raising the world land speed record above 1,000mph,” the release states, “and to assist in inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers, which is the overall objective of the project.”

Stay with us as more information is released about this intensive partnership and impressive endeavour to push the boundaries of human existence and knowledge further than ever before.







(Image and News Source: Jaguar)

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