Savile Row in London, for those who aren't familiar, is the epicenter of bespoke tailoring for men's clothing. Its name has been synonymous with the definition of decadence for nearly 300 years, but in 1992, a new player joined the clothiers' game: Richard James. With a focus on fashion, Richard James has made a point of remaining at the forefront of design and innovation, much like BMW has done for decades. The BMW i8 has taken a time-tested name and iconic design and transformed it into a car for the 21st century, which could be one of the reasons one was selected to represent Richard James outside of their Jan. 11 catwalk show at London Collections: Men.
Pictures posted to Facebook today by BMW show off this stunning custom-wrapped BMW i8, which features the bespoke brand's name on the doors and hood.

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"Funky!" reads the caption of the small gallery. "The BMW i8 gets a technicolour makeover thanks to London designer Richard James."

A Jan. 13 post on the designer's blog shows the entire wrapping process as it was undertaken at the BMW UK Bracknell headquarters, as did a post on their Facebook page Jan. 8.

"Here’s that Richard James BMW i8 in the making and, bottom, in all its finery at our London Collections: Men show at BMW on Park Lane," it said. "This brilliant job was undertaken at BMW UK’s HQ in Bracknell, where they have quite a collection of rather special cars."

(Source: Facebook,

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