The New 2015 BMW 1 Series Facelift Revealed

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Right off the bat, it should be known that the BMW 1 Series is not available in the United States anymore. This is unfortunate, but those in Europe are getting a refreshed look at the 1 Series, according to a press release featuring images and information about the facelifted models.

For starters, the new 1 Series has seen a modicum of changes that really make a world of difference. In the front, the air intakes have been enlarged, the grille has been redesigned and LED daytime driving lights come standard. In the rear, the lights have been completely remodeled with the “L” shape seen in most current models.


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A new variety of engine options, including five gasoline and five diesel, have also been added to the 1 Series. Leading the engines is the M135i M Performance powered by a inline six-cylinder engine that produces 326 hp. If you are looking for something a bit more efficient, there are the three- and four-cylinder engines, as well as the aforementioned diesel engines.

All models will be released in Europe later this year.


(Source: BMW)

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