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McLaren Senna Crashes Hard: Rest In Pieces

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Be happy that today is Friday and Christmas is coming soon. Be sad that the world has lost another McLaren Senna. Life isn’t fair sometimes. McLaren have repeatedly stated they will only build 500 examples of this amazing supercar. Perhaps the recent news of other McLaren Senna crashes will prompt them to replace these before the line is shut down.

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In the old days, a hit this hard would warp every panel of steel, leaving the car a total loss. But thanks to McLaren’s modular construction, the carbon fiber Monocage III cockpit is likely salvageable. The front subframe is a toast but the factory might have a few extra pieces in their inventory. If you want the same screaming 4.0-liter engine in a more subdued body, our dealers have great offers on McLaren 720S for sale. Click the link below and stay with us for all your McLaren news.