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How to Detail a McLaren Senna

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Before your take delivery of your stunning new Senna, our friends at McLaren Newport Beach has something to consider. The best way to ensure your car’s finish will stay factory fresh is with protective film. Working with Ceramic Pro, their full-body protection starts with a cleaning and polishing of the clear coat. 

This might seem like madness to disturb the clear of a new car, but their proprietary coating ensures the ceramic film will offer years of spotless cruising. McLaren Newport is also an industry leader by doing it all in-house. No lot lizards looking to make an extra dollar, these specialists are trained professionals who take pride in their work. Of course their services are not limited to their main brands, so your car could probably use their protection. Click the link below to browse their inventory and stay with us for all your McLaren news. 


Stunning Senna Delivered at McLaren Newport Beach