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McLaren 570S Coupe Begins Production

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We’ve awaited its arrival for months and watched it make special appearances around the world, and the time has come at last: the McLaren 570S has entered production.McLaren 570S

Announced today in a press release, the 570S’s production star officially marks the start of the Sports Series, McLaren’s third series of vehicles offered. It’s the most affordable and easiest to drive of the McLaren cars released so far, though their iconic race experience still lies at the center of the 570S’ design.

Pietro Frigerio, the General Manager at McLaren Newport Beach, recently experienced the 570S during a track event in Portugal, and on Oct. 21 described it as an incredibly fun car to drive that doesn’t take professional skills to handle. The model entered pre-production testing in August of this year, ordering opened in October and it’s now ready, in November, to begin filling orders.

“The Sports Series is targeted towards a new buyer and opens McLaren up to the sports car market that we have not served to date,” described Jolyon Nash, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for McLaren Automotive, said the release. “The buyer of a Sports Series model will still experience the benchmark performance and driver engagement delivered by every McLaren model, but will also notice the increased usability and practicality that differentiates it from our existing cars.

Priced at $184,900, it’s expected that this model and the other Sports Series cars, like the 540C, will double McLaren’s annual output to 4,000 vehicles by 2018. Stay with us to see if their estimates are correct, and find another one of McLaren Automotive’s incredible cars from our exclusive listings below.

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