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McLaren Newport Beach’s GM Test Drives McLaren 570S in Portugal

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By Pietro Frigergio, General Manager of McLaren Newport Beach:

McLaren Automotive offered the management of each dealership the opportunity to drive the 570S for the first time in Faro, Portugal – the trip started in the little resort of Conrad Algarve, where great food and a 570S craned at the 4th floor terrace was on display.

mclaren-570s-test-drive (1)

The day program included driving the 570S on the Autodromo International Algarve, a facility used by most manufacturers, with a very long straight where speeds of 170+ mph are possible. To test handling, there are very twisty sections with extreme elevation changes, off-camber turns and blind crests- a real spectacle where the agility of the 570S came out to play.

The 570S may not be as fast and composed as the 650S, but for a non-professional driver, it is actually a lot of fun. I’d say it’s a bit like a go-kart, allowing everybody to have fun and make the car dance without always approaching the physical limits of the vehicle. And, it really sounds great, considering the challenges of a turbocharged engine.

mclaren-570s-test-drive (26)

McLaren topped the event off by allowing us to drive the 570S back to the hotel by way of a three-hour drive through beautiful Portuguese country highways. This is where the McLaren really was in its element. Even without pushing excessive speeds, the vehicle was going from turn to turn in a smooth and very reactive manner. The steering felt directly connected to the eyes of me, the driver. The noise was popping at downshifts and upshifts, creating an audible spectacle. Inside, the cabin is a beautiful place to be; seats are extremely comfortable and the view of the road, as in every McLaren, is fantastic.

Overall, the McLaren 570S is really an everyday sports car: fun on the track and extremely entertaining on the road with the benefit of looking exotic with a great road presence.