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Jaguar Paints F-PACE in a Mesmerizing Way

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Jaguar has celebrated the success of the F-PACE SUV in an absolutely mesmerizing manner. In a film called Blacklight, Jaguar covered the award-winning SUV in thousands of paint droplets and water. Then massive fans were turned on to force the paint across the sensuous curves of the F-PACE, resulting in a beautiful piece of automotive art.

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“We set out to break the mold with our first performance SUV and everyone at Jaguar is thrilled with how well the F-PACE design has been received around the world,” says Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar. “After winning 70 awards we wanted to create a film that reflects both its critically acclaimed design and the engineering that underpins everything we do at Jaguar. The result is as dramatic as the vehicle itself.”

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