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In the Driver’s Seat: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace S Review

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If you add two Americans to Fleetwood Mac, is it still an English band? Thinking on a global scale is putting the world first, without renouncing your citizenship. Jaguar has evolved from a small British coachbuilder into a powerful player in the world of luxury cars. Since everyone needs a crossover, the F-Pace is produced in limited quantities on a modified version of the XE and XF’s platform.

Proud of their latest achievement, we were given a 2017 F-Pace S for a week of review. Little did they know our European Vice President received her own F-Pace S a few weeks in advance, this review will be comprised of our American grievances and her long-term report (in a Manchester accent). Let’s begin with the obvious: style. Because Jaguar has throttled back production to provoke demand, the F-Pace is striking. You won’t see another one during your daily commute, so if you don’t follow the crowd this SUV is for you.

LE S Model Shown
LE S Model Shown

Under the bonnet lies a familiar V6. The same supercharged 3.0 liter V6 is the same silent runner found across the lineup at Land Rover. A conservative bore & stroke along with moderate boost is how it achieves 23 mpg on the highway. Crossovers are not inherently aerodynamic, so kudos to the engineers for the efficiency. Inside, the 12″ touch screen has an intuitive menu with crisp HD resolution. Meridian supplies an 825 watt surround sound, and tne InControl system has a built-in WiFi hot spot. All wheel drive is nice for northern latitudes, but we wished it could be disconnected for summer cruising.

After a few days you really begin to see that no details have been overlooked. Puddle lamps built into the side mirrors project the corporate logo to illuminate your path. An option our car didn’t have was the Union Jack center caps. Because Jaguar holds a Royal Warrant, the flag of the UK can be had on almost every surface.

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