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2006 Hummer H1 ALPHA Wagon For Sale

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In 1984, AM General delivered a rugged 4WD truck as a replacement for the Jeep and other light vehicles in the Army. The Humvee was never designed to be street legal, and that is probably why it is so devastating in action. By the early 90’s, truck enthusiasts and celebrities were begging for a civilian version, and leading the charge was The Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger asked why we couldn’t enjoy it, so a street version was launched in 1992. Under the hood was the old & reliable Detroit Diesel 6.5 backed by a Turbo 400 Chevrolet automatic transmission.

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Customers cared more about creature comfort than acceleration, so the factory highlighted its ability to cross waist-high water and traverse steep obstacles. The Hummer H1 arrived with central tire inflation, inboard brakes, portal axles and a frame strong enough to survive being air-dropped onto a battlefield. Engine technology and the SUV craze left much to be desired, so a comprehensive upgrade package was devised. Starting at the ground up, a new chassis was engineered from stronger steel, and it increased the GVWR to 6 tons. For more power, the Chevy Duramax 6.6 liter offered 300 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque. Behind it was the Allison 5 speed automatic, which offered closer ratios and a larger overall range than the 4L80. The taller engine required a 2″ body lift, and while they were at it, a new interior with more leather and insulation was added. The portal boxes at each corner were redesigned with helical gears for a quiet ride, and larger brakes allowed it to be much safer on the trails and the street. 

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All of these changes added up to essentially a new model, so it was Christened the Hummer H1 Alpha. Production began in mid-2005, and rave review came in from customers and journalists. But something this great was deemed too expensive by the pinheads at old GM, so the project was canceled with only 729 examples produced. Of those, only a few wagons were built. Being the most useful body style, it was outsold by the half-cab and convertible versions by a long shot. So what we have here, is the most desirable Hummer for sale. Low mileage examples have sold for record prices lately because everyone knows something this rugged is not likely anytime soon. That’s why Boardwalk Ferrari/Maserati is offering this Alpha in Civilian Black at a great price. It has saddle leather interior, touchscreen DVD player, rear seat entertainment, and the ability to go anywhere.

2006 Hummer H1 Alpha Wagon For Sale