918 Spyder LaFerrari P1

P1 vs. LaFerrari vs. 918 Spyder 1/4 Mile: Part 2

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The Supercar Driver YouTube channel currently has an ongoing series pitting the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder against each other in a battle to see which of the hyper “holy trinity” is most powerful. To accomplish this, they teamed up with Paul Bailey, who just so happens to own all three of these cars.

Their first part in the series had the three competing at the UK’s Silverstone National Circuit in a hot laps comparison.

Now, for the second part in the series, we get to see which of these three cars is fastest in a quarter-mile drag race. This latest installment in the series was uploaded to YouTube Oct. 29.

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For this test, the hypercars was taken to Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire, England. Here, they were all subjected to identical conditions, with the drag strip being completely dry for each of the runs, a rarity in England. This was made possible by the jet-powered track dryer.

Out of all the sprints completed, the fastest 1/4 mile time was 10.65 seconds at 142.46 mph. Can you guess which car ran this time? Even if you can, be sure to check out the video below to see which of the hypercar holy trinity is fastest in a drag race.