918 Spyder LaFerrari P1

P1 vs. LaFerrari vs. 918 Spyder Hot Laps: Part 1

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First was the P1. Next, LaFerrari. Third was the 918.


The driver was the same, they all went on the same day, they circled the same track, but only one could finish fastest.

We found out this video was coming on Oct. 1, when it was announced that TheSupercarDriver had again teamed up with Paul Bailey with the intention of independently testing the three greatest supercars of 2014 against each other. You may remember Bailey from earlier this year, when he took his McLaren P1 to pick up both his new Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari on the same day.

And now the “holy trinity” of supercars has had their first test of performance made available to the public. The three spent Sept. 18 at the UK’s Silverstone National circuit, with Mat Jackson, a driver in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) behind the wheel of each to see which could make it around the track fastest.

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The winning time rang in at 58.24 seconds. Second fastest was 58.47, and last was 58.58. All were within less than a half second of each other, but which one completed which time? Check out the video to see, and stay tuned for the second video, which test the three to see which finishes a quarter mile fastest.

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(Source: YouTube)

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