Even before his roles as motion picture icons like Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, American actor Robert Downey Jr. shared a passion for anything automotive. Loosely referring to himself as a gearhead, Downey's interests include everything from classic American muscle to modern high-performance hypercars. Robert Downey Jr. is teaming up with Warner Bros Discovery and HBO Max on his new Downey Dream Cars series, exploring the opportunity of bringing back classics using modern and sustainable performance. The new trailer for Downey Dream Rides reveals Robert's team of technicians that help source, buy, and rebuild some of his favorite cars of all time.

The show takes a deep dive into Robert's fascination for cars and the evolution of hybrid-efficient platforms, opening the doors to his collection that features models like the Stingray Corvette, VW Bus, Ford Mustang, and more. Along the way, Robert Downey Jr. is introduced to modern-day hypercars like the record-breaking Rimac Nevera. The 1,914 horsepower electric powertrain inspires the team to implement the same EV-inspired ideas into the pioneering vehicles that helped to shape the entire auto industry. Downey disguises himself as an unknown buyer looking to grab a deal from sellers privately listing their classics for sale. Make sure to tune into the Downey Dream Rides June 22nd premiere exclusively on HBO Max. Watch the trailer for Robert Downey Jr.'s Downey Dream Rides by clicking the video link above.