Rimac upended the conventions of performance with its all-electric approach to achieving incredible acceleration and speed, and its Nevera hypercar is the current pinnacle of its ability, with unthinkable power and mind-blowing engineering. The automotive world is currently in a transitional time of electrification, and it’s an exciting time in which high-performance cars from all over the world are pushing the limits of this new performance frontier, relentlessly breaking record after record.

The Nevera has come back again at a testing facility in Germany to break 23 speed records that were independently verified, measured with a one-foot rollout, and achieved with road-legal Michelin Cup 2 R tires. Besides the 23 records achieved themselves, The Nevera also broke the record for the most performance records broken in a single day. Better yet, the car showed resilience throughout the testing despite being run at full throttle over and over again.

Just some of the records include the fastest 0-249-0 mph time of 29.93 seconds, the fastest electric 0-60 mph time at an incredible 1.74 seconds, the fastest quarter-mile time at a blinding 8.26 seconds, and of course, 20 more. At the beginning of a new chapter in automotive history, these broken records are proof that exciting times are ahead for hypercar enthusiasts.

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Gallery: The Rimac Nevera Breaks 23 Performance Records