Accidents in the car rental business are an inevitability. Fender benders and trading paint in airport parking lots support an entire industry of body repair shops. But things change in the world of exotic car rentals. A series of unfortunate circumstances befell a tourist who decided to rent a Lamborghini Huracan in Las Vegas.

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In the latest YouTube video uploaded by VINwiki, Will relates his cautionary tale of an early morning Starbucks run. Much like last week's video regarding meeting your heroes in person, he has always been enamored by Lamborghini. After striking up a conversation with the rental agency, they decided to give him a deal he couldn't refuse on a stunning yellow Huracan. But this was not an ordinary LP610-4. Instead of All Wheel Drive, he rented the RWD LP580-2.

Wheels & Wardrobe: Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

There is a reason Lamborghini builds AWD cars, and that is you need to be an expert driver to handle this level of power if it is RWD only. It doesn't matter how advanced your stability, ABS, or traction control systems are. A big V10 powering only the rear wheels is like tap dancing in a minefield, it's not if you will lose control, it's when. The LP610-4 has the fastest center differential of any production car so it will grip until you blackout from G-force. Once you break the rear loose on the LP580-2, you better snap into drift mode because you have just poked a raging bull who is always looking for a fight. Tell us your best rental car stories in the comments below and stay with us for more VINwiki films.

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