Huracan Lamborghini

Lamborghini Huracan Embedded With 1.3 Million Swarovski Crystals

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A Lamborghini Huracan can be ordered with a wide range of paint finishes. Heck, Lamborghini Ad Personam will deck out your Huracan with custom options that are completely bespoke. For one woman, however, she decided that the paint wasn’t enough and Swarovski crystals were better. YouTuber Munch997 caught her crystal-embedded supercar on camera, as well as the crowd that gathered around the car. According to him, the woman who owns this car also owned a Swarovski-covered Mercedes-Benz CLS and Bentley Continental. The company who made the design possible was Vinceri UK, who uploaded a video on how the car was created. Yes, each crystal was placed by hand… all 1,300,000 of them. It doesn’t matter whether you light the design or not, you can at least say that the execution of this exterior was done quite well. Check it out for yourself in the videos below.


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