One of the most inspiring commercials during the Big Game was Keanu Reeves standing on a motorcycle. It was the 5th ad for Squarespace that evening, and it made bike enthusiasts hold their breath. Standing atop a moving bike is a death-defying stunt made famous by Indian Larry.

Keanu Reeves and Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

[soliloquy id="126693"] Keanu was indeed standing on a moving bike, but the bike was like nothing you've seen before. Arch Motorcycle began with a custom bike built for Keanu by his friend Gard Hollinger. He was so impressed with the quality that the two decided to join forces and build them to order. It took three years to make his prototype ready for series production, and now they have delivered the KRGT1. The Keanu Reeves Grand Tourer is powered by a 124 ci (2,032cc) S&S engine. That means you will have an entire aftermarket of cams and go-fast goodies at your disposal. But you won't need to order anything else because for $78,000 they will build it to order. The videos on their Facebook page show us carbon fiber wheels, billet suspension parts, and a gorgeous LED headlight. We wish them well and hope to get a ride when they come to Daytona. Stay with us for more updates on this exciting new brand, and always ride responsibly!

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