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Keanu Reeves and Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

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Though many a sportscar have tried to win him over, Keanu Reeves’ heart belongs to Porsche’s 911. Recently, Porsche writer, Lawrence Dietz, profiled Reeves and his current model from the 911 family– the Carrera 4S. The type of 911 isn’t the only area of importance for Reeves though. Features on his Carrera 4S– a manual transmission and sunroof– are just as important because Reeves believes in aesthetics. As he told Dietz:

“I don’t just love hitting turns and apexes. I enjoy the fact that the car allows me to be fast and efficient. I have developed a bond with it.”

What’s more intriguing is Reeves’ bond with his car. Like a relationship with that one-in-a-million girl, Reeves and his Carrera have formed an unbreakable connection. He believes in devoting his full attention to one rather than spreading his time thin among multiple loves.

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Reeves was once a motorcycle man, but as he realized the limitations of the motorcycle and his taste matured, he fostered a desire for something a little more full-bodied. Reeves had previous experience in Porsches thanks to his extensive acting career so he know the Carrera was for him. Nicknamed “The Sled” his first 911 Carrera 4S was a pristine, glossy black, fast machine. In this particular Carrera, Reeves would go on to complete many advanced driving courses including the Porsche Driving Experience. He’d also go on to win the 2009 Celebrity Race installment of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach in California.

Reeves was once a motorcycle man, but as he realized the limitations of the motorcycle his taste matured, he found that desired something a little more full-bodied.

“The Sled”, though, was stolen while Reeves was in the middle of filming a movie.

After accepting his loss, Reeves decided that his new 911 would need to be tailored precisely to fit his needs in a vehicle. According to Dietz, Reeves’ new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S includes exclusive features like black anodized interior trim panels and a 12-o’clock center marker placed on the steering wheel.

The actor then used his custom 911 as inspiration to build a custom motorcycle with the help of Gard Hollinger– a well-respected motorcycle specialist in the Los Angeles vicinity. Together they created the KRGT-1 and founded the Arch Motorcycle Company where Reeves will have the freedom to help design motorcycles. Reeves tells Dietz that motorcycles should boast the same quality as the 911, which is to, ““always look beautiful and perform just as brilliantly.”

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