Ferrari Portofino Price

Italian convertibles are a life goal for many, so we think you should consider a Ferrari Portofino for sale. Most people will not believe that it is a drop-top, but the graceful dance of the deck lid and roof reveals a 2+2 cockpit. Along with the latest in connectivity and safety, it is easy to justify the Ferrari Portofino price of $215,000. It is a bargain in the world of Grand Touring cars because engineers made massive improvements over its predecessor.

Ferrari Portofino Review

To build a better GT convertible, Ferrari engineers started with the chassis. Hollow aluminum torque structures and a one-piece windshield frame are just the starting point. More welds and reinforcements around the suspension mounts make the car 35% stronger than its predecessor. This allowed the spring rates to be relaxed, offering a much more comfortable ride.

Now on to the real Ferrari Portofino review. Steering response is crisp and linear, and it does not induce any cowl shake. There is plenty of trunk space with the top up, but it diminishes quickly once the roof does its elegant dance. In urban driving, the computer keeps the wastegates open to help fuel efficiency. But if you need to leave in a hurry, the Ferrari Portofino engine transforms from a tame 3.9L into a raging madman. No other car with a comparable MSRP offers such a well sorted engine.

Ferrari Portofino Specs

In order to understand the potential of the latest Ferrari Grand Tourer, we need to dissect the car's performance. Thanks to a lighter chassis and zero turbo lag, the most prominent Ferrari Portofino specs are based on acceleration. The computer does allow a bit of brake-boosting, therefore the Ferrari Portofino 0-60 is 3.2 seconds. Having a close-ratio 7-speed transmission keeps the turbos spinning, and the differential ratio keeps the Ferrari Portofino top speed at 199 mph. If you are into drag racing, your quarter-mile times will hover around 10.9 seconds. Considering the cost of building a 10-second car, the Ferrari Portofino price is a bargain.

  • Price: $215,900
  • Engine: 3.8L Twin Turbo V8
  • Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic
  • Horsepower: 600 hp
  • Torque: 560 lb-ft
  • 0-60 mph: 3.2s
  • 1/4 mile: 10.9 @122 mph
  • Top Speed: 199 mph

Ferrari Portofino Engine

If you ask a Ferrari engineer which of their engines is best, he will probably answer "All of them". That is because Ferrari never stops innovating. Looking to squeeze more power from their 3.8L V8, they started in the combustion chamber itself. Adding 10% more compression bumps the squeeze up to 9.45. Their patented ion-sensing ignition was calibrated for more air, and each intake runner was optimized.

Ferrari Portofino Receives Tasteful Upgrades from Novitec

Exhaust flows through a 1-piece header into a dual-scroll turbo. Electronic wastegates close instantly, preventing any turbo lag. Built for excitement, maximum torque arrives at only 3,000 rpm. For some reason, they limit torque in 1st and 2nd gears and use longer ratios in the transmission to offer linear acceleration. This might be more comfortable for their target audience, but why restrain such perfection? Maximum power is achieved at 7.500 rpm. The Ferrari Portofino price includes ncredible power and response.

Ferrari Portofino Transmission

To handle such a powerful Ferrari Portofino Engine, the transmission was heavily revised. Inside the Ferrari Portofino transmission are dual clutches and seven gears. The beauty is in new software. It considers the torque-by-gear programming in the engine to offer much faster shifts than the predecessor. Several events take place almost instantaneously. Even and odd gears are on opposite sides of the main shaft, so it allows one clutch to release as the other takes over. The wheels are only without power for a split second. Another nice feature is that the Ferrari Portofino transmission is rear-mounted. A torque tube connects the engine's flywheel to the input shaft. It is connected directly to the flywheel and perfectly balanced. This is just another aspect of the Ferrari Portofino price that sets it apart from lesser convertibles.

Ferrari Portofino Interior

No compromises were made when designing the Ferrari Portofino interior. Not only are the controls placed in a logical manner, it has an American size cup holder. The A/C vents are placed in the right spot to work with the top down, and they are machined and anodized for a classy look. It is perfect for long drives because the Ferrari Portofino interior has ergonomic armrests on the doors and center console. You won't have to take your hands off of the wheel to control the suspension, driving mode, turn signals, Bluetooth, and wipers. In all honesty, the Ferrari Portofino interior features have raised the bar for all convertibles. Rear seat passengers have 2" of additional legroom to fix a common complaint of its predecessor. JBL Audio hides 12 speakers in the right spots and powers them with a 12-channel amplifier rated at 1,500 watts. That is why the Ferrari Portofino price is worth every penny.

Ferrari Portofino: Lighter & Stronger

Ferrari Portofino Brakes

When the party is over, it takes massive Ferrari Portofino Brakes to keep you safe. Starting with the measurements, the front rotors are 15.4" x 1.3", and the rears are 14.2" x 1.26". All four are carbon ceramic, as steel is not an option. They are controlled by the F1-Trac system, the latest in Ferrari's stability control systems. In normal operation, the Ferrari Portofino brakes are programmed to pull you back in line should the car begin to rotate. This electronic surveillance can be progressively dialed back until Race mode disables the safety protocols. As with all carbon ceramics, they need a little heat to work properly, so your foot will learn how to awaken them. Formula 1 technology is standard equipment in the Ferrari Portofino price.

Ferrari Portofino Standout Features

In order to build the most comfortable GT car in their history, the Ferrari Portofino standout features include several innovations. First are the seats. Covered in the finest Italian leather, they have several lumbar adjustments and an extending bottom cushion. Two 5" TFT displays sit on either side of the tachometer, and a 12" touchscreen controls every comfort and infotainment system. The chassis is lighter and stronger than its predecessor, and the aerodynamic sculpting reduced drag by 6%. Wheels measure 20" x 8" front and 20" x 10" on the rear. This allows for 245 mm front and 285 mm tires. This staggered setup is perfect for cornering, and the sizes are quite affordable. That is why the Ferrari Portofino price represents a great investment.

Ferrari Portofino For Sale