Aftermarket Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino Receives Tasteful Upgrades from Novitec

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It is hard to improve upon perfection, especially a masterpiece from Maranello. But if your new convertible needs a custom touch, the Ferrari Portofino has received some tasteful upgrades from Novitec. Starting with a comprehensive aerodynamic upgrade, the kit was tested in a wind tunnel to improve downforce. Not just for performance, these carbon fiber upgrades give the car a more aggressive appearance.

Because the engine has much in common with the 488 GTB and 488 Spider, their engineers were able to unlock 84 additional horsepower. This bumps the top speed to 202 mph, and they will hear you coming. A new exhaust system was designed in stainless steel, or it can be fabricated from Inconel to save weight. Needless to say, Novitec knows how to make the best even better, so click the link below and Portofino à gogo!

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